Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Call Recorder Galaxy S2/S3/S4 v1.9.43 APK Télécharger Gratuitement

Call Recorder Galaxy S2/S3/S4 v1.9.43 APK
Total Recall (Call Recorder Galaxy S2/S3/S4 v1.9.43 Apk) by Killer Mobile(R) is by far the most Popular Call Recorder on the Planet and has been since 2004. Total Recall is the ONLY Call Recorder App that’s been been used by literally MILLIONS of users in every country across the globe, and the only Cross Platform Compatible Call Recorder that can record calls on not only Android, but also Nokia S60, Symbian & Meego. Total Recall is….. - Feature Packed & Easy to Use - The Only TRULY Cross Platform Compatible Mobile Call Recorder on the Market - Developed by a company that’s been building mobile apps since 2003 - Supports full two sided call recording on more devices than any other recorder on the market due extensive & continued R&D - Customer Support via Email & Forums (And yes, we really do reply to our customers!) Packed with Every Call Recording Feature You Need! > Record Your Calls Automatically Or Manually > Record All Calls, Incoming Calls, Outgoing Calls or only Certain Numbers or Contacts > Widget for quick recording of Voice notes (perfect for Lectures, Meetings, Classes, Memos, Reminders) > Intelligently Named Clips include the Contact Name/Number, Date, Time & More. Easily Rename clips to whatever you want > Manually or Automatically Send/Upload your recorded audio & calls via Gmail or to your Evernote Account Notes: ** Please confirm the legality of call recording in your local jurisdiction prior to use. ** Some devices will be unable to record calls while using a Bluetooth Headset or Handsfree car kit, however an option is available to automatically NOT record calls while using a BT device. Unlike other Call Recorders on the Market that simply record audio from your Microphone (at low volumes) Total Recall is designed for TRUE call recording, which results in full audio from both sides of the call on compatible devices. The quality difference is extremely noticeable, especially under noisy conditions. When Call Recording is Mission Critical, there’s only one Call Recorder professionals trust and that’s Total Recall by Killer Mobile (R). This version of Total Recall Call Recorder is designed specifically for the following Android devices: - I9500 (Galaxy S4) - I9505 (UK S4) - i9300 (Global S3) - SCH-I535 (Verizon) - SGH-T999 (T-Mobile Galaxy S3) - SPH-L710 (Sprint Galaxy S3) - SGH-i747 (AT&T Galaxy S3) - i9100 (Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) - T989 (T-mobile Sprint Epic 4G Touch) - SPH-D710 (Sprint Galaxy S2) ** NEW!! ** Now Recording on rooted S3′s (most variants) running 4.1.1 & higher – Acccept the SU and Install prompt after installation. This will provide high quality call recording even while using a BT headset * Galaxy S4 Users should use recording Strategy B | This has been confirmed for i9500 & i9505 users. Seems US based S4 users (which have a different chipset) are stuck with Mic based recording as usual * Non-Rooted Galaxy S3 users that have been updated to Jellybean / OS 4.1.1 will currently only be able to record from the Mic. The 4.1.2 update for both the i9100 (S2) i9300 (S3) restores call recording without requiring root. ** Galaxy S2 users that have been updated to ICS / OS 4.0.3 will require root to restore full two-sided recording, however you can record from the Mic on non-rooted devices. OS 4.1.2 (Jellybean) restores call recording without requiring root)
APK: Call Recorder Galaxy S2/S3/S4 v1.9.43.apk
Call Recorder Galaxy S2/S3/S4 v1.9.43 APK Call Recorder Galaxy S2/S3/S4 v1.9.43 APK

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